Good Acquisitions, Better Engagements – Best Returns!

Last weekend, I attended a friend’s house warming party. Over dinner, he was sharing that till a couple of years ago, how he hardly had any plan to settle in Mumbai, thanks to the sky high real estate prices, and today he is already hosting guests in his own apartment. He had filled up the […] Read more

Sep, 07, 2016


3 reasons transactional emails are important for your business

Transactional emails are automated mails that get triggered by certain transactions. So, be it confirmation mails sent immediately after shopping, password changes, bill payment or those simple ‘we miss you’ mails – these emails respond to some action or ‘inaction’ by the customer. Traditionally used only to send information, the inherent power of these emails […] Read more

Aug, 31, 2016


Experience Marketing Transformation at NASSCOM’s MarTech 2016

As a leading Marketing Technology Company, that helps brands & enterprises deliver meaningful experiences to their customers, netCORE is pleased to be a Platinum Sponsor at NASSCOM’s MarTech Confluence 2016 scheduled 1st Sept at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Mumbai. netCORE’s Founder & Managing Director, Rajesh Jain has been invited for a CMO Candid Discussion with other […] Read more

Is Lead Generation Enough?

5 Most Powerful Mantras for Effective Lead Nurturing Imagine, during a flight, you meet an awesome web designer. Both of you have a great conversation and exchange cards. But you have no communication after that meeting. Let’s say, after 4 months you are in need of a web designer to revamp your company’s website. You […] Read more

Automated SMS campaigns for Relevant and Personalised targeting

SMS has established itself as a powerful, non-invasive channel to communicate with your customers. SMS has a reaction time of just 90 seconds, which can be attributed to the fact that almost all your customers are constantly checking their phones. Marketers have made SMS a part of their multi-channel marketing strategies. They are using personalization […] Read more

Thought Leaders on Personalisation

Personalisation has moved beyond customising the message with customer’s name and other details to personalising the entire message w.r.t the context. The key lies in personalising marketing at the scale of millions by capturing the micro-moments. Marketing technology helps us reach not just the ‘average customer’ but the individual. Thought leaders expressed their views about […] Read more

Jul, 22, 2016


[Part 1] Time to Discover & Rectify: The Most Common Mistakes in Transactional Emailing

A shipping notification, purchase confirmation, password reset, or a system-triggered email totally unique to your business, are all examples of transactional emails. These emails bring massive opportunity to drive positive brand awareness, sales, and revenue. Transactional emails may also be called “triggered emails”, because they include any email that is triggered by a user’s interaction […] Read more

Jul, 05, 2016


What’s in the box for Email Marketers for better Gmail Inbox Delivery? Gmail’s Postmaster Tools

The complete scope of Gmail’s smart filtering methodologies, that affect the inbox deliverability, might never be known. But even without knowing it, you, as an email marketer, can implement myriad of best practices for optimised Gmail Inbox deliverability. One of the key practices you SHOULD implement right at the moment, is Sign up for Gmail’s […] Read more

Jun, 30, 2016


The Magic of Tiny Screen in the Modern Customer Journey

Customers constantly make phone calls, thumb text messages, check social media and more. They check emails while travelling, while standing in line, while at the cafe. Location-mapping technologies are used to guide them to various destinations. The food is ordered while walking back home. Today, the modern customer performs multiple actions on multiple screens & […] Read more

Jun, 29, 2016


An award-winning Missed Call campaign for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

netCORE’s innovative mobile marketing solution for COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India) received a Bronze for PMKVY – A call for Skill Development at Indian Digital Media Awards 2016 on 17th June 2016, for the Best Integrated Media Campaign – Social Cause. The campaign fueled a massive outreach program aimed at connecting 440 million Indian […] Read more

Jun, 21, 2016


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