Are you facing challenges in delivering emails to Gmail Inbox?

Gmail has been constantly concentrating on improving their filtering process to give their users, the most pleasant and relevant experience. And this time, they have been smartly working hard behind the inbox delivery scenes. So, are the changes becoming a hurdle for you to achieve consistent inbox placement? How do you, as an email marketer, […] Read more

Jun, 08, 2016


CMOs Speak: Modern Marketing and the Customer Journey

The goal of modern marketers have moved to ‘micro-moments’, that particular point in time when the customer is responsive to a message. How can Marketers really reach the customers by mapping the customer journey? Top industry CMOs shared their thoughts on the customer journey and other exciting things about modern marketing at the #netCORECMORoundtable: Maximising […] Read more

May, 24, 2016


5 Key Takeaways from CMO Roundtable: Maximising the Marketing Moment

Leading CMOs from 17 brands joined for the power breakfast at the #netCORECMORoundtable jointly hosted with Paul Writer. The discussion revolved around customer-centric marketing, data privacy, and increasingly, how the collision of marketing and technology is transforming the role of Marketers in delivering true customer experience. Here are the 5 Key takeaways from the insightful […] Read more

May, 15, 2016


Maximising The Marketing Moment: CMO Roundtable Power Breakfast

netCORE is all set to jointly host the by-invitation CMO Roundtable Power Breakfast themed “Maximising The Marketing Moment” with Paul Writer on Thursday, 12th May 2016 at Trident, BKC, Mumbai from 8 AM-11 AM (IST). CMOs from diverse industries will be a part of discussions on the growing influence of technology in marketing, transforming the […] Read more

May, 11, 2016

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netCORE honoured as the “Preferred Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Partner” at ACEF 2016

ACEF presented netCORE with 2 Gold awards as follows: 1. Preferred Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Partner 2. Email Marketing – Successful Use of Technology This is the 3rd time we are getting recognised in this space in last four months of 2016, standing with tally of total 4 Gold in the kitty. netCORE’s cross-channel […] Read more

May, 02, 2016


Experts Speak: Data-Driven Personalisation, The Key To Exceptional Customer Experiences

The concept of personalisation – dynamically tailoring content and experiences to the wants and needs of your customers, has been considered an imperative for years. But how do you deliver such customer experiences? One of the renowned Industry Speakers, Mr. Jaimit Doshi (CSMO, Coverfox Insurance) joined netCORE’s CIO, Mr. Veer Bothra for an interactive Marketing […] Read more

Apr, 23, 2016


Latest in EMM – Top Performing Links and Tagwise Segmentation

We add new features to EMM frequently so our tool can enhance your email marketing experience and efficiently help you track and optimize email campaigns. In this blog, we share with you two features that we have recently rolled out in EMM. Top Performing Links You email regularly and include a host of links in […] Read more

Mar, 23, 2016


The Role of Unified Customer View in Marketing Automation For Exceptional Customer Experience

One of the key questions every marketer has on mind, when it comes to customer: “Who is this customer and what do I already know about him?” In our recent Marketing Automation Webinar, titled, A Unified Customer View for Targeted Personalised Campaigns, netCORE’s Chief Innovation Officer, Mr. Veer Bothra and Mr. Gagan Singla, Chief Marketing […] Read more

Mar, 21, 2016


Click Map & Geolocation Tracking now available in EMM

Data is the strategic weapon for marketers to maximize their return from marketing spends. Businesses that leverage on customer data are able to better understand their customers and deliver better experiences to them; thereby improving their bottom line. netCORE is pleased to introduce the new and advanced EMM Reports that will give marketers insights on […] Read more

Feb, 22, 2016


Discover A Modern Marketer’s Approach To Transforming Marketing Into A Growth Engine With Cross-channel Marketing Automation

Did you attend netCORE’s Cross-channel Marketing Automation Webinar or missed on it? Prospective customers are more difficult to entice than ever, and retaining them is equally challenging. Gone are the days when a marketer’s marketing strategy involved blasting messages to a mass audience, hoping for a few out of the prospective bunch to show interest. […] Read more

Feb, 20, 2016


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