Drive Value Out Of Your Loyalty Program Through Mobile Marketing

Today, in the world of digital disruption, where consumers are more empowered and are moving towards digital and mobile-first payments, the nature and scope of loyalty programs have shifted completely. A mobile mind-shift has occurred which is already being realized by brands. This is the moment when using loyalty through mobile becomes incomparably valuable. For […] Read more

Dec, 03, 2015


Using email marketing to build brand awareness and improve email metrics [Video Case Study]

There’s a lot that goes into understanding why email campaigns fail. You design the email following the email best practices to the T, include an interesting subject line that should ideally garner good opens but still end up with poor email metrics. This was the challenge faced by our client, a leading mutual funds company. […] Read more

Nov, 24, 2015


How to create a countdown timer in your emails and skyrocket conversions

Showing hours, days, minutes and seconds ticking off in email has always been a revenue lifter. Whether it’s building excitement for an upcoming sale or creating urgency for limited time offers, countdown timer in email has been a successful tactic in grabbing subscribers’ attention and urging them to take action in the inbox. As convincing […] Read more

Nov, 17, 2015


A glimpse at netCORE’s first international email marketing workshop

Last week we held an Email Marketing Boot Camp at Indonesia. After the huge success of the regularly conducted email marketing workshops on home ground, we took the next step of taking these workshops international. netCORE received a warm welcome at Indonesia and the event was well attended drawing marketers from across all verticals including […] Read more

Oct, 30, 2015


Conclusion to the argument – Traditional Media vs. Mobile or Traditional With mobile?

Discussions have been never ending and the debate goes on. Marketers and strategists have been comparing the performance of mobile marketing to that of the traditional media. The scenario now, is transforming though. Businesses have started blending mobile to their traditional marketing strategies. And the performance is no doubt playing an effective role in capturing […] Read more

Oct, 27, 2015


How will Gmail’s new ‘Block’ & ‘Unsubscribe’ feature affect you?

“Sometimes you get mail from someone who’s really disruptive,” said Sri Harsha Somanchi, Product Manager at Google. “When that happens, you should be able to say, ‘never see messages from this person again.’” And that’s how the new ‘block’ feature got introduced in Gmail. Google in its efforts to give users control over their inbox […] Read more

Oct, 13, 2015


Announcing EMM’s integration with our automation tool Smartech

At netCORE we’ve always believed that technology should empower marketers to deliver personalised connect with customers. Today, we are happy to share that we are one step closer towards this endeavour. We have integrated our email marketing platform EMM with our newly released marketing automation tool Smartech. Our EMM customers can get the power of […] Read more

Sep, 25, 2015


Stand a better chance of success through Voice Integration in your Mobile Marketing Strategy

‘Kan Khajura Tesan’ – ‘Missed call lagao, muft manoranjan pao’. I’m sure you are aware of this campaign by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL) Do you know how this first-of-its-kind mobile campaign had the potential to successfully reach the remotest areas of India? netCORE’s Mobile Marketing Solutions-Business Head Mr. Niranjan Kanade answered this question as he […] Read more

Sep, 15, 2015


A-B Testing…It’s Science not Guess work!

A/B testing has long been a favorite means for email marketers to understand customer behavior and optimize conversion rate. As marketers continue to experiment and test campaigns, I am going to delve into the science bit of A/B Testing – how best to perform this A/B test so you get the best result. A-B testing […] Read more

Sep, 08, 2015


Is preheader a part of your email marketing strategy to increase open rates?

What’s your strategy to get emails opened? For ages email marketers focused on Sender name and Subject line to get good open rates and very recently have also added the email send time/ day to their strategy. One important element of email that significantly improves the chances of email getting opened, but is often neglected […] Read more

Aug, 31, 2015


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