Mr. Sunil Bandarkar

AVP Technology – India Infoline Holding Limited.

Ronil Bandarkar_IIFL_AVP-1
At IIFL, Business Logs and Proof of Delivery is extremely critical, and there are stern regulations which we must abide by. Our team spent lengthy hours fetching and uploading these logs, manually, until we switched to netCORE Falconide. Readily available logs combined with instant webhook calls, enabled us to upload the logs in real time, saving 25-30 hours of manual efforts every month.

Yet another challenge was, cleaning the hard bounces every time we ran an email campaign. netCORE Falconide, helped us clean the hard bounces by big 70%. The pro-active and friendly support staff always assisted us in resolving our issues. Falconide is one of the best time-saving, user-friendly transactional emailing tools, which I strongly recommend for businesses dealing with critical & high volume emails.

Nov, 22, 2016