[Part 1] Time to Discover & Rectify: The Most Common Mistakes in Transactional Emailing

A shipping notification, purchase confirmation, password reset, or a system-triggered email totally unique to your business, are all examples of transactional emails. These emails bring massive opportunity to drive positive brand awareness, sales, and revenue. Transactional emails may also be called “triggered emails”, because they include any email that is triggered by a user’s interaction with web or mobile apps (think of a purchase receipt).

Due to the critical content inside, transactional emails are the most highly engaged emails that businesses send. In fact, research shows transactional emails have 8x more opens and clicks, than any other type of email, and can generate 6x more revenue. Based on our multiple interactions with clients, we realized, many Indian brands are not paying much of attention towards transactional emails. Most brands feel, it’s a compulsion, hence they send it, while some don’t see any returns attached to it. We know the fate of email being sent from such companies.

To help you master your transactional emailing, we outline the Most Common Mistakes in Transactional Emailing:

Mistake: All transactional emails reach the inbox

Majority of brands have a perception that, each and every transactional email sent, reaches the customer’s inbox. But do you know? About 25% of transactional emails DO NOT reach the inbox.

I shop a mobile phone on a website and I don’t receive any email stating my payment details.

Such incidents, signal a negative reputation of the brand, and also creates dissatisfaction among customers. To ensure your emails reach the inbox, it’s vital to follow email marketing best practices.

Mistake: Delivery time doesn’t matter

I book my air tickets in a state of urgency, and until the next 10-15 minutes I do not receive any mail confirming my flight.

Now that you are aware of the fact that transactional emails MUST reach the customer’s inbox, the delivery speed matters too. In today’s digital world, 15-20 minutes is like a decade passed. These mails SHOULD be timely delivered and reached to the inbox, depending on the event (OTP request, purchase, payment etc.).


Choosing the right ESP (Email Service Provider) could change things dramatically & significantly improve the Delivery Speed.

Mistake: Tracking transactional emails you send isn’t important

So are you among the ones who thought transactional emails, once sent, solve the purpose? Apparently, NO. Since the criticality and benefits these emails bring to your business, it’s vital for you to know, how these emails are performing. Monitoring email metrics like delivery rate, open & click rate, bounces, unsubscribes and spam, helps you track and improve your transactional emailing program.

Rectifying these mistakes will certainly help you make the most of your transactional emailing. Read our next blog to discover more mistakes in transactional emailing that might be hampering your business.

You can also access our on-demand webinar which will walk you through 5 Most Common Mistakes in Transactional Emailing that Hamper Your Business.

Jul, 05, 2016