Test before the final launch!

Designing the email campaign is the most difficult task, but if the campaign is not executed correctly then what’s the use of putting such efforts. Before executing any email campaign test mailer should always be done. There are some points, which need to be considered, like:

  • Check whether the mail is landing to inbox or not.
  • Is the mailer having proper indexing?
  • Does it serve the purpose for which it will be executed?
  • If the mailer is having a form in it, then is that form working in all domains?

Checking some of these points would help achieve better response to the campaigns. If it’s a promotional mail and any social networking link is also there, then check for the content that would be posted on these websites, as this would impact your viral marketing. Check the mailer preview for different domains and also for different browser. Also smartphones shouldn’t be ignored in this case.

Testing is a long process but its effectiveness can’t be ignored. So test before the executing any email campaign!

Jul, 04, 2011