The Magic of Tiny Screen in the Modern Customer Journey

Customers constantly make phone calls, thumb text messages, check social media and more. They check emails while travelling, while standing in line, while at the cafe. Location-mapping technologies are used to guide them to various destinations. The food is ordered while walking back home.

Today, the modern customer performs multiple actions on multiple screens & devices. But of all these, the tiny screen: Mobile, outnumbers the human population, and is the most used device, as customers stick to their phones for maximum hours of the day.

As a modern marketer, you now have to smartly integrate mobile into your marketing strategy, because Mobile has become a way of life, and it’s at the heart of the customer journey.

Customers expect convenience and that means providing timely and relevant information, across channels, offering easy ways to connect. By collecting data across various devices and channels, you can deliver seamless experiences for your customers by creating a unified view.

Giving customers, the option of how they want to engage, makes the connection more personal. You have new and easier ways to connect with customers on mobile. For instance, start with sending an SMS redirecting to a website and simultaneously send a relevant email to your customer, promoting the product he/she browsed on the website. But what’s different here is, all three are accessed on Mobile. Along with these online efforts, you can engage through mobile channels like voice calls, OBDs, or using click-to-call in SMS, to capture immediate attention and lead the customers to perform final actions.

Mobile should be considered as a key component in the era of personalisation. It gives you the chance to connect with your customer on a deeper and relevant level. You can rightly deliver messages based on the time, location, previous engagement, and a myriad of other customer activities. Mobile not only facilitates personalised marketing online, it also drives a massive increase in one-on-one conversation via various mobile channels.

You have the opportunity to tap into the convenience that mobile brings along for your customers. Give prospects and customers, the information which is relevant and timely. Marketing Automation empowers you to match these expectations of customers throughout their journey, by integrating mobile into your marketing campaigns. Knowing which mobile marketing strategies produce the highest ROI, is essential for your success. Measure what matters and use the data-driven metrics to identify opportunities to communicate with customers through their journey.

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Jun, 29, 2016