Top 4 things our report revealed about email marketing…

Marketers love statistics and often build their strategy around data backed research. The research puts an end to guess work and helps to understand audience better and plan better email marketing strategies. We took up one such study for the Mutual Funds industry and analysed a whopping 491 million emails (for a period of 1 year). This study has thrown up some interesting findings; insights that can be used by marketers across industries to improve email marketing and maximize your revenue potential.

Here are the 4 most important learnings for marketers from the report:

1. Make your emails mobile friendly



Lesson for marketers: India is not far behind the global trend and there has been an amazing surge in the mobile email usage in India. From 17% in 2013 (Nielson 2013 report) to 30% in 2014 (netCORE Research), percentage of email opens on mobile in India is set to cross the 50% by this year-end [Tweet this]. However businesses in India have not really adapted well to this mobile shift and most still continue to send non-responsive emails.


2. Go real time to get more conversions



Lesson for marketers: When India had the largest ever election in the world and the market was upbeat, the industry aggressively marketed its product offering by sending out Real-time marketing emails matching the market sentiment. Marketers will benefit by planning Real-time campaigns based on market movements and customer sentiment with improved responses and conversions.


3. Understand your customer better




Lesson for marketers: Time is one of the most important factors affecting campaign performance. Marketers should study subscriber behaviour and send out email when the customer is highly likely to respond.



4. Closely watch for changes in inbox delivery rules



Lesson for marketers: Gmail continues to dominate in the email space even for the mutual funds industry. With MSPs making a huge impact on your email campaign effectiveness, industries across must closely watch for constant improvements and changes in inbox delivery rules by MSPs. Marketers should test the campaign on various email clients, especially Gmail before you execute the campaign.



Check out the full report:

Jul, 17, 2015